Our boat building dream has been to craft a beautifully engineered, electric wooden classic. And we’ve managed to do just that. The recent advancements in electric marine technology and our experience and love for boat building, have eventually led to the realization of our dream of building a boating legacy based on classic appeal and quiet electric propulsion.

Every Elwood boat is handmade from wood in Kuopio, Finland.

Elwood boats are good for the soul and good for the environment. These quiet, handmade and durable charismatic Finnish electric wooden boats, are built to take us away from the hecticness of life, into kinder, more emotional journeys where we become one with our surroundings, and fully aware of those close to us. This new kind of boating is what we at Elwood boats like to call – soul-stirring boating.


Each Elwood boat is made to order and handcrafted in Kuopio, Finland. Carefully though-out shape and details make these vessels and their owners, nique and alluring.


Sail it, customize it or run it as much as you like during the boating season – or just take good care of it while stored. When Elwood boat is kept clean and maintained, it remains in top shape, navigable and safe year after year.


Natural surroundings are better experienced with all senses. Forget the extra noise at the pier – start a good conversation, let the quiet electric motor run smoothly and leave behind nothing else, but a cleaner environment.

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Elwood 550e HT

Wood and electric propulsion in perfect symbiosis

Less energy, more nature at just the right pace. Electric propulsion removes the distractions of traditional motor boating and the perfectly balanced wooden frame design adds a touch of nostalgia and class.

Elwood boats are powered by Oceanvolts motors.

Pasi VirnesCEO, Industrial design manager

+358 50 517 8533

Jarmo Häkkinen – Chief designer, Senior boat builder

Ville Herukka – Boat builder (Villen Vene Oy)

Timo Koistinen – Boat carpenter (Villen Vene Oy)